Why Focusing ON Your Business Can Lead to Greater Success

Jon Brown Jul 14, 2023

I did have a question because of what you mentioned in your inability to work on the business because of what you were doing, so now that you’ve. Done this. Has that provided a chance for you to step back perhaps from tech support in some way and allow some of, I don’t know, Interlaced staff to take some of that burden from you?

Or is that not part of the game yet? So we just finished the integration of the ticketing systems, which was the biggest roadblock and hurdle to getting. The larger and wider technical team with their, to get their eyes on the issues that were coming in from our clients. So there was a concern that if we had technicians in too many ticketing systems and at the time when we were acquired, we each had our a separate ticketing system.

So it wasn’t until recently, I would say about a month ago that we were all in one. Unified ticketing system, which has been super helpful. But now the hesitation is now that I can see the monster that’s on your side, and you can see the monster that’s on our side, and we are all collectively overwhelmed with the amount of work that we all have on our plates.

We’re all a little hesitant to jump in and offer support. So right now the strategy is, let’s just start introducing client by client. One technician at a time, one week at a time, a little bit of an intro so that if so-and-so who is really on top of client A does decide to go on vacation. Or get sick. We have other people who are at least familiar with that client set, right?

So the idea here is we’re gonna do a little bit of a rotation. We’re gonna start learning each other’s clients. It’ll be in a low impact kind of way. And we’re all here to support each other. And as we’re doing that, they think the fear on the larger staff is now I’m inheriting, I’m volunteering for extra work, and I’m already feeling overwhelmed.

But the idea here is that if we’re all sharing the load, there should be less fear of being overwhelmed because now everyone on the team feels more empowered to be able to actually take time off.

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